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By Aimee Allison and David Solnit

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Strategies to Counter Military Recruitment, End War, and Build a Better World

By Aimee Allison and David Solnit
a Seven Stories Press premier!

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A counterrecruitment and antiwar book written by Army veteran Aimee Allison and global justice organizer David Solnit. Designed from cover to finish by Jason Justice, includes 224 pages and over 90 dynamic photos and illustrations! Army of None exposes the real story behind the military recruitment complex, and offers guides, tools, and resources for education, action, and people power strategies to win.

New York • 2007
ISBN 978-1-58322-755-8 • $14.95
Paperback • 5.5"x8.5" • 224 pages

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What people are saying about Army of None:

"Army of None is a direct challenge to the militarization of American youth. It's a toolkit, a practical how-to manual, for the emerging politics of non-cooperation and direct action. Army of None is published at a pivotal moment in the peace movement."
- Paul Rockwell, CounterPunch

"This is a really strong book that won't just be read and put aside."
- Third Estate Sunday Review

"Everything that the army might seem to offer crumbles as you read this book, and even thinking about joining the army would feel absurd. Even more frightening than the dishonesty of military recruiters is the way that they target people my own age, fourteen-years-old."
- Phoebe Blanding, a freshman at Avanti High School in Olympia, Washington

"Army of None is a manual for opponents of the Iraq war who want to cut off its supply of cannonfodder. It presents how-to guides, hot tips, and successful examples of counterrecruitment strategies in schools and communities around the U.S. . . . Army of None provides a fascinating deconstruction of military recruiting mindgames."
- Jeremy Brecher, ZNet and Truthout

"...this book, in what ever order you read it in, is just a joy to read."
- Third Estate Sunday Review

"[In] Army of None, the authors take a step back to examine the big picture and call for the antiwar movement to adopt a "strategic framework" that moves away from random protests to a concerted, yet decentralized attack on key institutional pillars that make the war machine run smoothly"
- John Tarleton, the Indypendent

"I don't know how you got just the right blend of personal testimony, media literacy, history, practical tips for campaigns, and bottom-up social power theory--and managed to make it all engaging and readable. Army of None is a work of magic."
- Elijah Saxon, Collective

"I have to take a moment to drop back and note the illustrations. Whether it's a classroom where counter-recruiting is going on or whether it's a drawing or poster, I was really impressed. In fact, I wish it were a huge coffee book just so we could enjoy the artwork."
- Third Estate Sunday Review

"[Army of None] talks about how to reach students, access school campuses, and win allies among the teachers. It contains photocopy-ready fliers, and, for the daring, instructions on how to alter billboards, stencil discreetly, and avoid arrest."
- East Bay Express

"Army of None is an essential book for antiwar organizers working on counter-recruitment campaigns, but it is also an important read for those pursuing other avenues to end the occupation of Iraq. Allison and Solnit outline a compelling case for why counter-recruitment should be a major focus of the antiwar movement while simultaneously outlining the role that such a movement could have in challenging the underlying foundations of militarism that exist in our society."
- Media Mouse

"Army of None gives us admirable examples of awesome organizing being done by youth, puts this work in context with other social justice struggles, then provides recipes for future campaigns."
- Eat the State

"One by one, Army of None shows that the promises of recruiters are misleading and downright false. With every page that you turn, it grows more and more difficult to think of the military as anything but a death trap."
- Works In Progress

From the back cover:

Uniformed U.S. Army Officers lunch with students in elementary school cafeterias. Army training programs including rifle and pistol instruction replace physical education in middle schools. Like never before, military recruiters are entering the halls of U.S. schools with unchecked access in an attempt to bolster a military in crisis.

However, even as these destructive efforts to militarize youth accelerate, so do the creative and powerful efforts of students, community members, and veterans to challenge them. Today, the counterrecruitment movement - from counseling to poetry slams to citywide lobbying efforts - has become one of the most practical ways to tangibly resist U.S. policy that cuts funding for education and social programs while promoting war and occupation. Without enough soldiers, the U.S. cannot sustain its empire.

Army of None exposes the real story behind the military recruitment complex, and offers guides, tools, and resources for education and action, and people power strategies to win.

Army veteran AIMEE ALLISON has led school and community counterrecruitment activities for the last decade. As an educator and community leader, she counsels youth, trains parents and activists, and supports the peace and justice work of organizations across the nation. She is a contributor to 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military (New Press, 2006).

Global justice activist DAVID SOLNIT was a key organizer in the direct action shut down of the World Trade Organization in Seattle in 1999 and in the shutdown of San Francisco the day after Iraq was invaded in 2003. He is the editor of Globalize Liberation: How to Uproot the System and Build a Better World (City Lights Publishers, 2004).

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